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The right to bear arms was put in place for when you needed to defend yourself against a corrupt government/military power. People who scream about their right to own a gun because of the right to bear arms aren’t out there defending their country against its dangerous militarized police force.

Here’s your corrupt government.

Give up your shitty argument or fucking fight back.

If you oppose the militarization of police. Then you should oppose all forms of gun control. Infact people like myself that own guns. Own them for the exact reason you say militarization of the police force. I’m actually taking action and getting a CCW to keep in my purse. Rather than bitching about it on the computer.
Venomous Villians Disney Palette by Mac


Price: $30

Write in my ask if you’re interested.

That is not real I own many MAC eyeshadows, and they never come in rectangles. Not even the quads. There are always round reguradless. You can buy a palette, but you have to customize it. By depoting your eyeshadows MAC palettes would never go for $30. Your selling a counterfeit item. I hope you know.

Roger Moore and Madeline Smith in Live and Let Die (1973)

Roger Moore and Madeline Smith in Live and Let Die (1973)

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straight guys aren’t allowed to listen to the smiths

I’m straight but I’m not a guy I’m a girl I should add, and I listen to The Smiths. If you like The Smiths you should check out Coil kinda of similar. Peter Christopherson is actually gay and his tribute to Pasolini is the most beautiful thing ever.


For Banned Books Week, author Trevor Blake continues his yearly tradition of posting a link/commentary roundup of “unorthodox and unpopular ideas that were banned or challenged in the United States in the years 2012 – 2014.” While waving about a copy of “The Great Gatsby” for solidarity is easy, tackling incidents that are making the status-quo uncomfortable NOW, is not.

—Reverend Kevin Slaughter


I reamber Banned Books Week had Alexander Cockburn speak a couple years ago, and that was a gutsy move considering his positions on many issues. Cockburn was the closest thing we’ve had to H.L. Mencken a true contrarian of sorts even though a leftist smashed orthodoxies of liberals. However their banning of race realists and Holocaust revisionism works was utterly diestble. BBW defended Pussy Riot. Pussy Riot is protrayed by the media as being oppressed by the “evil” Putin government. However the truth about Pussy Riot is they vandalized a church in Russia which is private property, and attacked members of that said church. Pussy Riot also performed orgies in a street with children present, spray painted penises on bridges, and tried to assualt an Orthodox priest walking down the street for no reason. However BBW gave Pussy Riot a glowing tribute despite not knowing the facts. You can’t submit a Jared Taylor or Charles Murray book, but you can defend a disgusting punk band I say stupid.

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