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Kinism and secular race realism

Throw me in the Darwinist camp I am a Buddhist not a Christian, but this is my attempt to deconstruct kinism form my understanding. I came across the movement several years ago after my own introduction to human bio diversity and race realism. Kinism is a racially aware form of Christianity, and has attached itself to the writings of secularĀ race realists such as Tom Sunic and Jared Taylor, and it’s supposed father Robert Dabney was a pro slave minister. It’s more of an offshoot of Christian Reconstructionism it’s ideas of adptation of Bibical law on society.

The race realist Alt Right movement has not viewed Christianity with postivity. Mainline Christians support third world outreach and eglartarian based doctrine. My main gripe with the Bible is that it can be translated every which way, and Christianity is split in many diffrenet directions in it’s doctrine. The Bible is now used to justify equailty, diversity, and eglartarianism under the Christian banner. However I am open to working with HBD concious Christians. I don’t wanna thow Christianity entirely under the bus in general. I am open to working with Christians and see the Kinist movementĀ as something postive.

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